“With the REACH program, they help small business owners accomplish their goals.”

Virgil Richardson, owner, KCT Construct, Inc.

KCT Construct, Inc., is on a positive trajectory – the result of more than 20-years of quality project work accelerated, most recently, by a boost from the Chamber’s REACH program.

“It’s a very viable tool for the small business owner,” says owner Virgil Richardson.

Launched in 1995, KCT Construct initially focused on wheelchair ramp, deck and porch installations. That evolved into interior remodeling, room additions and then new home construction. The company is now gaining a foothold in a profitable new area – commercial remodeling – thanks to financing coordinated by REACH in partnership with Nebraska Enterprise Fund.

“With their help, just within the past year, I was able to move up financially – move up the ladder – into doing commercial construction pretty much full time. When you have an established line like that, you’re able to bring in more work and more production.”

Before connecting with REACH, Virgil says he would have rated his business a ‘four’ on a scale of 10. Now, “I’m at a seven. It’s steady movement, moving up.”