The Mid-America Council Boy Scout Trust and the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) on Friday. Jan. 19 . This MOU entails that the Chamber supports the Boy Scouts of America’s Exploring Program. The Boy Scouts of America will now be the Chamber’s official career exploration program.

This program partners with employers to provide immersive career experiences and mentorship for youth looking to explore various careers. It provides youth with growth in character, leadership and life skills to be used today and in future careers.

The Chamber recognizes Nebraska’s “brain drain” — the net loss of college educated people through migration to other states — as something that needs to be changed immediately. With a net loss of roughly 4,000 bachelor degree graduates a year, it’s imperative that programs, like the Exploring Program, are created to keep our students excited about staying in Nebraska. “The problem isn’t that there aren’t enough jobs, it’s that there aren’t enough people to fill the jobs,” said Jessica Perreault, senior marketing project manager at the Chamber.

With the recognition as the Chamber’s official high school career program, it will encourage members to host a program that invites students to learn about different jobs around the state, make connections and ultimately secure a career in a field of their interest.

“Keeping our students in the state as they flourish in their careers is what’s really important to us. The loss of college graduates truly diminishes the potential Nebraska has to offer,” said s Pete Thompson, SVP of operations at the Chamber. “We want graduates to see that Nebraska can — and is — the place to build a career,” he followed.

This new addition to Nebraska will not only provide students with a way to find their career path, but also provide the state with a way to prevent “brain drain.” We cannot wait to see what the future holds for the Boy Scouts of America Exploring Program.