“We hope to change the way we build houses in the world.”

At the heart of Omaha stands a business that is reshaping the construction landscape – Heartland Steel, the first Cold Roll Steel Manufacturer in the city and surrounding area. Specializing in the production of structural steel framing for low-rise commercial and residential housing, they’ve revolutionized the traditional framing process.

In a world where sustainability and resilience matters, Heartland Steel has found new ways to innovate the construction process. The advantages of their structural steel include improved durability, lightness, waterproof and fireproof properties, wind resistance, termite immunity, and a guarantee against warping, creeping, or rotting. This superior solution comes at a cost comparable to wood.

But their commitment to excellence extends beyond performance. Heartland Steel proudly utilize recycled steel products, emphasizing a lifecycle that concludes with 100% recyclability, reducing the ecological footprint.

As they forge ahead in the steel industry, Heartland Steel is acutely aware of their responsibility to the environment. In 2021 alone, 695,000 new homes were built in the U.S., utilizing 17.4 billion trees. Their innovative product helps mitigate environmental losses and creates a pathway to sustainability.

Heartland Steel’s Winning Insights:

On building your business: Research, advertise and apply social networking strategies prior to start up. Proper planning of your ribbon cutting is a great way to kick off your business. Join the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce and utilize their skillset for all of the above! Their combined experience is wisdom beyond imaginable.

On the impact of the Chamber: Our affiliation with the Omaha Chamber of Commerce has been transformative. It has increased our social status and they were a great help in the grand opening of our business. The events have been a tremendous asset for social networking.

On customer service: The best customer service starts with good listening skills. If you listen to what a customer is telling you it will only help to achieve the final goal. Which is customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and we have two staff engineers ready to conform to their needs.

On community involvement: Recently we were featured on the Channel 7 News for our reconstruction of the gazebo at Hanscom Park, which had burned down due to arson. Our company stepped up and offered to replace the structure utilizing our steel. We are working directly with the city of Omaha and the Parks and Recreation Department and the structure is being built at our facility and will be in place soon, and the community will never have to worry about it being burned down again!