While Direct Design & Fabrication (DD&F) is well-known in the manufacturing industry, people on the street may not know much about it. As a business-to-business company, DD&F manufactures and markets its products and services to other businesses, not the general public. We took this opportunity to find out more from Donald Volentine, previous owner and division director.

Before being acquired by Direct Companies earlier this year, Direct Design & Fabrication was known as New Covenant Consulting (NCC). Founded in 2014 and located in Council Bluffs, the company is a full-service design and build industrial product manufacturer with five specialties: industrial control panel manufacturing, customized containers for the industrial marketplace, custom process automation skids, design and build robotic cells, and design and build automated machines.

Being a brand within the Direct Companies group has sharpened DD&F’s competitive edge. Now it can leverage the expertise it has gained over many years combined with access to Direct Companies’ wide range of services from the other brands in the group. Donald sees the acquisition as an exciting growth opportunity. “We now provide an expanded suite of tech-focused solutions we were never able to offer before like custom software development, managed IT services, phone systems, security systems, data service and cybersecurity,” Donald said. “We are truly a comprehensive, one-stop shop.”

DD&F’s local presence is growing through the networking opportunities that come with a Greater Omaha Chamber membership.  As a result, local business leaders in the manufacturing arena reach out to DD&F when they need training support or have questions about the industry. In addition, by actively participating on the Chamber’s Manufacturing Board, DD&F shares industry challenges and collaborates with local trade schools.

In terms of the company culture, Donald believes that the backbone of any company isn’t the product it creates; but instead, it is the skills, minds and hands of those that create it. With this philosophy driving it, employees operate on a foundation of trust, teamwork, financial success and excellence. Employees feel respected and confident and are empowered to achieve career — and company — goals. DD&F recognizes that every employee has the potential to make a positive impact. To aid this idea, the company provides a variety of programs, tools and support to help employees develop their skills and knowledge which benefits the workforce, customers and the organization.

The company previously known as NCC underwent a huge transformation this year to become DD&F. Donald’s advice about mergers and acquisitions is simple. “Realize that selling your company isn’t always a negative. Strategically selling it can be a huge positive for everyone involved. It can lead to positive change and growth.” 

For more information, visit directdesignfab.com.