“Sometimes people just need to hear that they’re pretty,” said Dr. Jennifer Tighe de Soto. “Seeing the change in our patients as they grow their confidence makes it easy to be passionate about what we do.”

“It’s like planting a garden and then watching it bloom!”

Helping people discover their self-confidence has been fueling the Imagen team since first opening their doors back in 2013. Established by husband & wife surgeons, Drs. Frank & Jennifer Soto, Imagen is not only Nebraska’s premier cosmetic center, but the team is entirely made up of women and Latinos.

Located in Omaha’s Regency neighborhood, Imagen is a spa-like clinic with board-certified surgeons and the most advanced body sculpting and facial techniques available.

In fact, many of those treatments are exclusive to Imagen.

“We’re proud to be the first and only clinic in Omaha and Nebraska to offer the Renuvion skin tightening system,” said Dr. Frank Soto. “Renuvion can be found in some of the bigger clinics in Miami, Los Angeles, and New York, but we are the first clinic to bring it to Omaha.”

Dr. Frank Soto grew up in Colombia, a country known worldwide as a leading cosmetic surgery hub. In fact, Dr. Frank is one of a handful of U.S. surgeons who have been trained by the Colombian doctor who invented the 4D Hi-Def Liposuction technique.

“I consider myself an adopted Nebraskan,” said Dr. Frank. “I was born in Colombia and came to Nebraska as an exchange student at TriCounty High School. I fell in love with the Midwest and its culture, and decided to stay.”

Dr. Jennifer was born and raised in Omaha, and studied medicine at Creighton University. “I started my medical career in the ER but gravitated towards cosmetic surgery because I love fostering relationships with my patients and helping them feel more confident.”

And those personal relationships continue beyond the procedure. “We encourage healthy lifestyles and do our part to teach our patients how to maintain their results through good diet and exercise choices.”

Luxurious waiting room at Imagen Body Scuplting.
Members of the Imagen Body Sculpting team working the welcome desk.

Winning Insights from Our Winner:

Best Practice Tip for Small Business Owners

“Always focus on the needs of your customers first. And to provide amazing customer service, your team needs to be passionate. Show them how they make a difference in your business and in your customers’ lives. Treat your team like a team…listen to them, and always be open to improvement.”

The Value of Chamber Involvement

“We believe that a good economy helps all of the businesses in the area. Having a strong Chamber makes individual businesses stronger, improves the work force through education and opportunities, and ultimately improves the economy for all of us.”

Giving Back to the Community

Imagen happily makes donations to any organization that asks for one. They routinely give treatments or products to raffles or fundraisers. “We proudly support Children’s Hospital, local schools, Food Bank for the Heartland, the Salvation Army, the Omaha Zoo Foundation as well as several national charities.”

Exceptional Customer Service

“First and foremost, our patients are our friends and family. We really get to know them, their families, and their goals. We want them to feel special because they are. We even send birthday cards, Christmas cards, congratulations and condolences. And to make sure they feel completely comfortable about their procedure, we even provide the cell phone number of their doctor in case of complications or concerns.”

Overall Operating Philosophy

“Our mission is to improve the lives and self-confidence of our patients. Their stories are truly amazing and make us feel honored to have been a part of their incredible journey. We strive to achieve their goals by continually investing in the very latest in treatment technology, and improving our own ability through progressive Liposuction treatments and education, because their results come first.”

Cultivating a Strong Company Culture

“We truly see our team as a team. Our employees are encouraged to take ownership of the clinic from the day they are hired and feel empowered to provide feedback of how we can improve. We provide continuing education for our staff by letting them choose the areas where they want to expand their knowledge. We have frequent outings and get-togethers with our team and their families. Everyone in the office has a positive attitude and outlook and we support each other in times of pressure or stress.”

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